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wild tobacco


Definitions from WordNet

Noun wild tobacco has 1 sense
  1. wild tobacco, Indian tobacco, Nicotiana rustica - tobacco plant of South America and Mexico
    --1 is a kind of tobacco

Definitions from the Web

Wild Tobacco


Wild tobacco refers to any species of tobacco that grows in the wild, rather than being cultivated as a domesticated crop. It is often found in natural habitats and is known for its robust and unaltered characteristics.



1. A plant of the tobacco family (Solanaceae), growing spontaneously in the wild.

2. Tobacco leaves collected from wild-growing plants, typically used in traditional ceremonies or by indigenous communities.


1. Referring to anything related to or characteristic of wild tobacco plants or leaves.

2. Describing an uncontrollable or untamed behavior or temperament.



  • The hikers stumbled upon a patch of wild tobacco during their trek through the forest.
  • The indigenous tribe uses wild tobacco in their spiritual rituals.


  • The wild tobacco plant has unique qualities that differ from cultivated tobacco.
  • His wild tobacco personality made him a fearless adventurer.

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