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nicotiana rustica


Definitions from WordNet

Noun nicotiana rustica has 1 sense
  1. wild tobacco, Indian tobacco, Nicotiana rustica - tobacco plant of South America and Mexico
    --1 is a kind of tobacco

Definitions from the Web

Nicotiana Rustica

Nicotiana rustica is a species of tobacco plant that is distinctively strong and contains high levels of nicotine. It is commonly known as Aztec tobacco or mapacho. This term can refer to the plant itself, its leaves, or the tobacco products derived from it.


  1. A plant: Nicotiana rustica is primarily cultivated in South and Central America.
  2. Tobacco leaves: The dried nutritious Nicotiana rustica leaves are often used in traditional indigenous ceremonies.
  3. Tobacco products: Many people enjoy smoking the raw and unprocessed Nicotiana rustica for its potent effects.


  1. Popular: Nicotiana rustica is a popular choice among individuals seeking a stronger tobacco experience.
  2. Local: In certain regions, particularly in indigenous communities, Nicotiana rustica is the preferred tobacco variety.

Sample Sentences

  • My grandfather grows Nicotiana rustica in his backyard for personal use. (plant)
  • The shaman used Nicotiana rustica leaves during the sacred ceremony. (tobacco leaves)
  • Experienced smokers appreciate the rich flavor of raw Nicotiana rustica. (tobacco products)
  • If you prefer a milder tobacco, Nicotiana rustica might be too strong for you. (adjective - popular)
  • The artisanal tobacco shop offers a variety of Nicotiana rustica blends sourced from local farmers. (adjective - local)

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