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wild turkeys


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Wild Turkeys


Wild turkeys refer to the large birds native to North America that belong to the genus Meleagris. They are known for their distinctive appearance, with long legs, a fan-shaped tail, and feathers that can range in color from brown to black. Wild turkeys are highly adaptable and can be found in various habitats such as forests, grasslands, and swamps.

Senses and Usages:

Sense 1:

Noun: A species of large birds native to North America, renowned for their meat and distinctive appearance.

Example Sentences:
  1. The hunters spotted a flock of wild turkeys in the woods.
  2. We had roasted wild turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

Sense 2:

Noun: Informal term referring to an unpredictable or unruly person.

Example Sentences:
  1. Josh can be quite a wild turkey at times.
  2. Don't invite Brian to the party, he always turns into a wild turkey after a few drinks.

Sense 3:

Adjective: Describing something as untamed, uncontrolled, or resembling a wild turkey.

Example Sentences:
  1. The storm caused wild turkey winds, knocking down trees and power lines.
  2. Her hair was a wild turkey mess after trudging through the rain.

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