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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective wasp-waisted has 1 sense
  1. slender-waisted, slim-waisted, wasp-waisted - having a small waist
    Antonym: fat (indirect, via thin)

Definitions from the Web


Wasp-waisted is an adjective that describes something or someone with an unnaturally narrow waist.

Part of Speech



Sense 1:

Having a waist that is exceptionally slim, creating an hourglass figure.

Example Sentence: Marilyn Monroe was known for her wasp-waisted silhouette, which became an iconic standard of beauty.

Sense 2:

Referring to garments or accessories that are designed to emphasize a small waist.

Example Sentence: She looked stunning in her wasp-waisted corset, which accentuated her curves.


Usage 1:

In fashion, to describe clothing that creates the illusion of having a tiny waist.

Example Sentence: The vintage dress had a wasp-waisted design, making the wearer look elegant and feminine.

Usage 2:

Used colloquially to praise someone's slender figure.

Example Sentence: The model's wasp-waisted physique made her the envy of her colleagues in the fashion industry.

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