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wasp waist


Definitions from WordNet

Noun wasp waist has 1 sense
  1. wasp waist - a very slender waist
    --1 is a kind of
    waist, waistline

Definitions from the Web

Wasp Waist


A wasp waist refers to an extreme and exaggeratedly slim waistline, often achieved through the use of tight corsets or intense waist-training techniques.

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Sample Sentences:

  1. I admire the fashion of the Victorian era, but I'm glad we no longer feel pressured to have a wasp waist.
  2. She achieved her desired wasp waist by wearing a corset every day for months.
  3. The model's glamorous gown accentuated her elegant wasp waist.
  4. Despite her petite frame, she never had a natural wasp waist.
  5. Many celebrities promote the use of waist trainers to achieve a wasp waist, but it comes with risks.
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