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Term: Wasn


Wasn is a contraction of the words "was" and "not," commonly used in English as a short form to indicate the negative past tense form of the verb "be." It is utilized to portray actions that did not occur or states that were not true in the past.

Sample Sentences:

1. Verb:

  • I wasn't able to attend the party last night. (Negative past tense of "be")
  • She wasn't happy with the final result. (Negative past tense of "be")

2. Noun:

  • There were several wasn'ts in his essay which affected the overall quality. (Referring to incorrect uses of "wasn't")

3. Adjective:

  • It was a wasn day, so he decided to stay indoors. (Describing an unfavorable weather condition)
  • The plot of the movie wasn't appealing to me. (Expressing a negative opinion or impression)

4. Adverb:

  • He wasn't here yesterday. (Indicating the absence of someone or something)
  • They didn't show up, and now we're starting to wasn't prepared. (Conveying the lack of readiness)

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