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travel iron


Definitions from WordNet

Noun travel iron has 1 sense
  1. travel iron - a small lightweight iron that can be carried while traveling
    --1 is a kind of
    iron, smoothing iron

Definitions from the Web

Travel Iron

A travel iron refers to a compact and portable iron that is specifically designed to be easily carried while traveling.

1. Noun: A Compact Iron for Traveling

A travel iron is a small and lightweight iron that can be packed conveniently in a suitcase or carried in a travel bag. It provides travelers with the convenience of quickly ironing their clothes and removing wrinkles even on the go.

Example Sentence:

Don't forget to pack your travel iron when going on a business trip.

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2. Verb: To Move or Journey

In a different sense, the term "travel iron" can be used as a verb to describe the act of moving or journeying to different places, typically for leisure, work, or exploration.

Example Sentence:

They decided to travel iron through Europe to experience different cultures and cuisines.

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