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travel plan


Definitions from WordNet

Noun travel plan has 1 sense
  1. travel plan, itinerary - a proposed route of travel
    --1 is a kind of plan of action

Definitions from the Web

Travel Plan

Definition: A detailed outline or schedule of activities and arrangements to be followed during a trip or journey.

Sense 1: Noun - A formal arrangement or program outlining the itinerary, transportation, accommodations, and other details for a trip.

Example sentence: Before embarking on our European adventure, we spent days crafting the perfect travel plan that included visiting iconic landmarks and exploring hidden gems.

Sense 2: Verb - To create or prepare a detailed outline of activities and arrangements for a trip or journey.

Example sentence: She meticulously traveled planned their family vacation, taking into consideration everyone's interests and preferences.

Sense 3: Noun - A particular course or route taken during a trip or journey.

Example sentence: Our travel plan led us through breathtaking landscapes, allowing us to witness the beauty of nature along the way.

Sense 4: Noun - A series of actions or steps to be taken in order to achieve a specific travel-related goal.

Example sentence: Her travel plan involved saving money, researching accommodations, and creating a list of must-visit attractions.

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