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travel and entertainment account


Definitions from WordNet

Noun travel and entertainment account has 1 sense
  1. expense account, travel and entertainment account - an account to which salespersons or executives can charge travel and entertainment expenses
    --1 is a kind of account, accounting, account statement

Definitions from the Web

Travel and Entertainment Account

Definition: A travel and entertainment account, commonly known as a T&E account, is a financial tool used by businesses to track and manage expenses related to travel and entertainment activities.

Sense 1: Noun. A designated account used by companies to allocate funds specifically for travel and entertainment expenses.

Example sentence: The company's travel and entertainment account allows employees to charge their business-related expenses directly and simplifies the reimbursement process.

Sense 2: Noun. A credit card or card program that provides additional benefits and rewards specifically for travel and entertainment expenses.

Example sentence: With a travel and entertainment account credit card, you can earn points on every dollar spent on flights and dining, which can later be redeemed for discounted travel or entertainment activities.

Sense 3: Noun. A record or statement detailing the travel and entertainment expenses incurred by an individual or company.

Example sentence: She meticulously maintained her travel and entertainment account, ensuring that every expense was accurately recorded and accounted for.

Sense 4: Adjective. Pertaining to activities, services, or facilities related to travel and entertainment.

Example sentence: The hotel offers an exclusive package with various travel and entertainment account discounts for cardholders.

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