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severance of non-imputation


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Term: Severance of Non-Imputation


Severance of Non-Imputation refers to the legal principle that eliminates the attribution of blame or fault to a particular party, usually in the context of a contractual agreement or legal dispute. This principle ensures that neither party is held accountable or liable for the actions or omissions of the other. It emphasizes the importance of individual responsibility and prevents the transfer of blame onto an innocent party.

Sample Sentences:

1. In the severance of non-imputation clause, it is explicitly stated that the company shall not be held responsible for any losses incurred due to unforeseen circumstances.

2. The contract included a severance of non-imputation provision which protected the landlord from being blamed for any damages caused by a third party.

3. The court ruled in favor of the defendant, citing the severance of non-imputation principle as the incident was beyond their control.

4. With the severance of non-imputation policy in place, each team member was accountable for their work and not liable for any errors made by others.

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