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severance damage


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Term: Severance Damage

Description: Severance damage refers to the harm or impact caused to a property or land due to the separation or removal of a part of it that leads to a decrease in value, functionality, or aesthetic appeal. This term is commonly used in legal and real estate contexts.


  1. Legal: In legal terminology, severance damage is the impairment or loss suffered by a property owner when a portion of their land is acquired by a government authority through condemnation or eminent domain.
  2. Real Estate: In the real estate industry, severance damage refers to the negative impact on a property caused by removing or dividing a parcel of land for development purposes. It can include reduced privacy, altered views, or limited access to certain amenities.

Sample Sentences:

  1. During the highway expansion project, many residents had to cope with severance damage to their properties.
  2. The homeowner sought compensation for the severance damage resulting from the construction of a new shopping mall adjacent to their backyard.
  3. When the government acquired a portion of their land for a utility project, the farmer experienced significant severance damage, affecting their ability to cultivate crops effectively.
  4. The real estate agent explained to the prospective buyers the potential severance damage that could occur if a neighboring property were to be subdivided.

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