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Adjective senseless has 4 senses
  1. mindless, reasonless, senseless - not marked by the use of reason; "mindless violence"; "reasonless hostility"; "a senseless act"
    Antonyms: reasonable, sensible (indirect, via unreasonable)
  2. insensible, senseless - unresponsive to stimulation; "he lay insensible where he had fallen"; "drugged and senseless"
    Antonym: conscious (indirect, via unconscious)
  3. pointless, purposeless, senseless - lacking import; "a pointless remark"; "a life essentially purposeless"; "senseless violence"
    Antonym: meaningful (indirect, via meaningless)
  4. nitwitted, senseless, soft-witted, witless - (of especially persons) lacking sense or understanding or judgment
    Antonym: smart (indirect, via stupid)
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