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rugby football


Definitions from WordNet

Noun rugby football has 1 sense
  1. rugby, rugby football, rugger - a form of football played with an oval ball
    --1 is a kind of football, football game
    --1 has parts: knock on

Definitions from the Web

Rugby Football

Definition: Rugby football, commonly known as rugby, is a team sport played with an oval-shaped ball by two teams of 15 players. It is characterized by its physicality, strategy, and continuous play.


Noun (Sport):

  1. The school's rugby football team has won the championship for the past three years.
  2. Rugby football requires both strength and agility.

Noun (Ball):

  1. The rugby football quickly flew over the goalposts.
  2. He threw the rugby football with precision across the field.

Adjective (Related to Rugby Football):

  1. They are organizing a rugby football tournament next month.
  2. The rugby football league has implemented new rules for player safety.

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