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rugby ball


Definitions from WordNet

Noun rugby ball has 1 sense
  1. rugby ball - inflated oval ball used in playing rugby
    --1 is a kind of

Definitions from the Web

Rugby Ball


A rugby ball is an oval-shaped ball used in the sport of rugby. It is made of leather or synthetic material and is distinctively shaped to enhance its handling during gameplay.

Sample Sentences:

As a Noun (Sport):

  1. The rugby ball was kicked high into the air.
  2. He caught the rugby ball and swiftly passed it to his teammate.
  3. Using a rugby ball requires proper technique and skill.

As a Noun (Object):

  1. She found an old rugby ball in the attic.
  2. The rugby ball was deflated, so they needed to pump it up before playing.
  3. Johnny's favorite toy is his mini rugby ball.

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