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rug beater


Definitions from WordNet

Noun rug beater has 1 sense
  1. carpet beater, rug beater - implement for beating dust out of carpets
    --1 is a kind of beater
    --1 has parts: handle, grip, handgrip, hold

Definitions from the Web

Rug Beater


A rug beater is a tool used for beating and cleaning rugs to remove dust, dirt, and debris trapped within the fibers.


1. A handheld tool consisting of a long handle with several attached flexible wires, used for beating and removing dirt from rugs.

Example sentence: She vigorously utilized the rug beater to remove the dirt from the antique rug.

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1. (Present participle) The act of using a rug beater to clean or beat a rug.

Example sentence: She was rug beating the carpet to remove any accumulated dust.

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