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public security


Definitions from WordNet

Noun public security has 1 sense
  1. peace, public security - the general security of public places; "he was arrested for disturbing the peace"
    --1 is a kind of security

Definitions from the Web

Public Security


Public security refers to the maintenance of law and order in a community or society. It encompasses various measures, actions, and organizations aimed at ensuring the safety, peace, and well-being of the general public.

Parts of Speech:


1. The state or condition of being secure or safe from harm or danger, addressed as a public concern.


1. Relating to or affecting the safety and order of the general public.

Senses and Usages:


1. The government department or agency responsible for maintaining public order and safety.

Example: The Ministry of Public Security is actively implementing new strategies to combat crime.

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2. The measures and procedures implemented to prevent and respond to threats to public safety.

Example: The city council allocated additional funds to enhance public security and install more surveillance cameras.

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1. Pertaining to the safety and well-being of the general public.

Example: The new public security measures have resulted in reduced crime rates and increased community trust.

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2. Relating to the government's efforts and actions to maintain order and protect the public.

Example: The public security forces conducted extensive patrols to ensure a peaceful and secure environment during the event.

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