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Term: Portret


A portret is a visual representation or likeness of a person, typically in the form of a painting, drawing, photograph, or sculpture. It captures the physical features, expressions, and personality of the subject.


Sense 1 - Noun:

In its noun form, a portret refers to a portrait as an art form.

Example Sentence: The museum displayed a stunning collection of historical portrets by famous artists.

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Sense 2 - Verb:

Used as a verb, to portret means to create a visual representation or likeness of someone in a portrait.

Example Sentence: The talented artist decided to portret her grandmother as a tribute to her life.

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Local Usage:

In some regions, the term "portret" may be used to refer specifically to a certain style or tradition of portraiture that is unique to that area.

Example Sentence: The local art gallery showcases a variety of portrets inspired by the regional folk culture.

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