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Definitions from WordNet

Noun portrayer has 1 sense
  1. portraitist, portrait painter, portrayer, limner - a painter or drawer of portraits
    --1 is a kind of painter
    Derived form: verb portray4

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A portrayer, in the context of performing arts, refers to an actor or actress who portrays a character in a film, theater, or any other medium of storytelling.


1. Noun - A person who portrays a character in a performance.

2. Noun - A person who represents or imitates someone or something.


Sense 1:

"The lead actor in the play was an exceptional portrayer of his character, receiving rave reviews from the audience."

"Emma Thompson is widely recognized as one of the greatest portrayers of Jane Austen's heroines."

Sense 2:

"The comedian's portrayer mocked the politician's mannerisms with great accuracy, leaving the audience in stitches."

"The artist's portrayer captivated viewers with their unique and thought-provoking interpretation of the subject."

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