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pitched battle

Noun pitched battle has 1 sense
  1. pitched battle - a fierce battle fought in close combat between troops in predetermined positions at a chosen time and place
    --1 is a kind of
    battle, conflict, fight, engagement
    --1 has particulars:
     Agincourt; Austerlitz, battle of Austerlitz; Bannockburn; Battle of Kerbala; Battle of the Ardennes Bulge, Battle of the Bulge, Ardennes counteroffensive; Battle of the Marne, Belleau Wood, Chateau-Thierry, Marne River; Blenheim; Borodino; Bosworth Field; Bouvines; Boyne, battle of Boyne; Brunanburh, battle of Brunanburh; Buena Vista; Bull Run, Battle of Bull Run; Bunker Hill, battle of Bunker Hill; Cannae; Caporetto, battle of Caporetto; Caudine Forks; Chaeronea; Chalons, Chalons-sur-Marne; Chancellorsville; Chapultepec; Chattanooga, battle of Chattanooga; Chickamauga, battle of Chickamauga; Cowpens, battle of Cowpens; Crecy, battle of Crecy; Cunaxa, battle of Cunaxa; Cynoscephalae, battle of Cynoscephalae; El Alamein, Al Alamayn, Battle of El Alamein; Flodden, Flodden Field, Battle of Flodden Field; Fontenoy, Battle of Fontenoy; Fort Ticonderoga, Ticonderoga; Fredericksburg, Battle of Fredericksburg; Gettysburg, Battle of Gettysburg; Granicus, Battle of Granicus River; Guadalcanal, Battle of Guadalcanal; Hastings, battle of Hastings; Hohenlinden, battle of Hohenlinden; Ipsus, battle of Ipsus; Issus, battle of Issus; Ivry, battle of Ivry, Ivry la Bataille; Jena, Battle of Jena; Kennesaw Mountain; Lake Trasimenus, Battle of Lake Trasimenus; Langside, battle of Langside; Leuctra, battle of Leuctra; Lexington, Concord, Lexington and Concord; Lule Burgas, battle of Lule Burgas; Lutzen, battle of Lutzen; Magenta, Battle of Magenta; Maldon, Battle of Maldon; Mantinea, Mantineia; Marathon, battle of Marathon; Marengo; Marston Moor, battle of Marston Moor; Metaurus River; Minden, battle of Minden; Monmouth Court House, Battle of Monmouth Court House, Battle of Monmouth; Naseby, Battle of Naseby; Omdurman, battle of Omdurman; Panipat, battle of Panipat; Pharsalus, battle of Pharsalus; Philippi, battle of Philippi; Plassey, battle of Plassey; Plataea, battle of Plataea; Poitiers, battle of Poitiers; Port Arthur; Pydna, Battle of Pydna; Ravenna, Battle of Ravenna; Rocroi, Battle of Rocroi; Rossbach, battle of Rossbach; Saint-Mihiel, St Mihiel, battle of St Mihiel; Saratoga, battle of Saratoga; Sempatch, battle of Sempatch; Shiloh, battle of Shiloh, battle of Pittsburgh Landing; Soissons, battle of Soissons-Reims, battle of the Chemin-des-Dames, battle of the Aisne; Solferino, battle of Solferino; Somme, Somme River, Battle of the Somme; Somme, Somme River, Battle of the Somme; Spotsylvania, battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse; Tannenberg, battle of Tannenberg; Tertry, battle of Tertry; Teutoburger Wald, battle of Teutoburger Wald; Tewkesbury, battle of Tewkesbury; Thermopylae, battle of Thermopylae; Trasimeno, battle of Trasimeno; Valmy, battle of Valmy; Verdun, battle of Verdun; Wagram, battle of Wagram; Waterloo, Battle of Waterloo; Yalu River; Ypres, battle of Ypres, first battle of Ypres; Ypres, battle of Ypres, second battle of Ypres; Ypres, battle of Ypres, third battle of Ypres; Zama, battle of Zama
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