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peace of mind


Definitions from WordNet

Noun peace of mind has 1 sense
  1. peace, peacefulness, peace of mind, repose, serenity, heartsease, ataraxis - the absence of mental stress or anxiety
    --1 is a kind of tranquillity, tranquility, quietness, quietude

Definitions from the Web

Peace of Mind


Peace of mind is a state of mental or emotional calmness, tranquility, and freedom from worry or anxiety.

Parts of Speech

  • Noun

Senses and Usages

Sense 1: Mental Calmness

- She found peace of mind in practicing meditation.

- The peaceful surroundings brought him peace of mind.

Sense 2: Freedom from Anxiety

- Financial stability can provide peace of mind.

- Knowing her loved ones were safe gave her great peace of mind.

Sense 3: Tranquility

- Taking a walk along the beach brings a sense of peace of mind.

- Listening to soft music can create an atmosphere of peace of mind.

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