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Noun heartsease has 4 senses
  1. wild pansy, Johnny-jump-up, heartsease, love-in-idleness, pink of my John, Viola tricolor - a common and long cultivated European herb from which most common garden pansies are derived
    --1 is a kind of viola
  2. two-eyed violet, heartsease, Viola ocellata - violet of Pacific coast of North America having white petals tinged with yellow and deep violet
    --2 is a kind of violet
  3. field pansy, heartsease, Viola arvensis - common Old World viola with creamy often violet-tinged flowers
    --3 is a kind of viola
  4. peace, peacefulness, peace of mind, repose, serenity, heartsease, ataraxis - the absence of mental stress or anxiety
    --4 is a kind of tranquillity, tranquility, quietness, quietude
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