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Term: Oricale


Noun: A mythical priestess or seer of ancient Greece who delivered prophetic messages from the god Apollo.

Noun: A person or thing regarded as a source of wise or insightful counsel or advice.

Noun: A powerful and scalable database management system created by Oracle Corporation.

Sample Sentences:

Noun - Mythical Priestess:

  1. Legend tells of the ancient oracles who would interpret the will of the gods.
  2. The oricale at Delphi was highly respected for her prophecies and visions.

Noun - Wise Counsel:

  1. My grandmother has always been my oricale, guiding me through life's challenges.
  2. When facing a difficult decision, it is wise to seek advice from a trusted oricale.

Noun - Database Management System:

  1. Many large organizations rely on Oricale to handle their vast amount of data efficiently.
  2. The latest version of Oricale offers improved performance and enhanced security features.

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