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Term: Ori


Ori is a term that can be used as a noun, adjective, or verb. It has various senses and usages, both popular and local.


1. (Popular) In Japanese culture, Ori refers to a foldable partition made of paper or fabric used to separate rooms or create privacy.

Sample Sentence: The traditional Japanese house had beautiful oris that added a touch of elegance to the interior.

2. (Local) In Yoruba mythology, Ori is the spiritual head connected to an individual's destiny or inner self.

Sample Sentence: Yemi sought guidance from her ori to find purpose and meaning in her life.


1. (Popular) Ori is an adjective used to describe something that is original, genuine, or authentic.

Sample Sentence: The art collector only purchases ori works from emerging artists.

2. (Local) In Bengali cuisine, ori refers to a specific flavor that is tangy and slightly sour.

Sample Sentence: The dish was enhanced with the addition of ori spices, giving it a unique and delightful taste.


1. (Popular) Ori can be used as a verb meaning to orient or align something in a particular direction.

Sample Sentence: Please ori the map so that North is facing upwards.

2. (Local) In Nigerian slang, ori is a verb used to describe the act of flattering or buttering someone up.

Sample Sentence: He always tries to ori the boss in order to get special treatment.

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