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motor vehicle

Noun motor vehicle has 1 sense
  1. motor vehicle, automotive vehicle - a self-propelled wheeled vehicle that does not run on rails
    --1 is a kind of self-propelled vehicle
    --1 has parts:
     airbrake; bodywork; brake system, brakes; cab; car wheel; chassis; cooling system, engine cooling system; drive line, drive line system; electrical system; fuel system; gearshift, gearstick, shifter, gear lever; internal-combustion engine, ICE; odometer, hodometer, mileometer, milometer; pedal, treadle, foot pedal, foot lever; second gear, second; speedometer, speed indicator; suspension, suspension system; windshield, windscreen; windshield wiper, windscreen wiper, wiper, wiper blade
    --1 has particulars:
     amphibian, amphibious vehicle; bloodmobile; car, auto, automobile, machine, motorcar; doodlebug; four-wheel drive, 4WD; go-kart; golfcart, golf cart; hearse; motorcycle, bike; snowplow, snowplough; truck, motortruck
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