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Definitions from WordNet

Noun mommy has 1 sense
  1. ma, mama, mamma, mom, momma, mommy, mammy, mum, mummy, mater - informal terms for a mother
    --1 is a kind of mother, female parent

Definitions from the Web


Definition: The term "mommy" generally refers to a maternal figure or a mother. It is commonly used by children or in an affectionate and informal context.

Parts of Speech:

  • Noun: A term used to refer to a mother or a maternal figure.
  • Informal Noun: An affectionate term used by children to address their mother.
  • Adjective: Describing something related to or suitable for mothers.

Senses and Usages:

  1. As a Noun:
    • Sense 1: A woman who has given birth to a child.
    • Sense 2: A female parental figure that takes care of and nurtures a child.
  2. As an Informal Noun:
    • Sense 1: A term of endearment used by young children to refer to their mother.
    • Sense 2: A loving term used by adults to address their mother in an affectionate way.
  3. As an Adjective:
    • Sense 1: Relating to or suitable for mothers.

Sample Sentences:


  1. My mommy always takes care of me and cook delicious meals for our family.
  2. The mommy was overjoyed when she saw her newborn baby for the first time.

Informal Noun:

  1. "I love you, mommy!" the little girl said before giving her mother a tight hug.
  2. She called her mommy and asked about her day.


  1. The store has a wide range of mommy-friendly products for new mothers.
  2. She attended a mommy-and-baby yoga class to bond with her infant.

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