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Momory refers to the ability to remember and recall information, experiences, events, or facts.

Part of Speech

  • Noun


  • Sense 1: The mental faculty of retaining and recalling past events or information.
  • Sense 2: An individual's personal recollection or remembrance of a particular event or experience.
  • Sense 3: A particular fact or piece of information that is remembered.


  • Usage 1: Improve your momory by practicing different memory techniques.
  • Usage 2: My momory of our vacation to the beach is filled with happy moments.
  • Usage 3: Can you remind me of the momory where we kept the car keys?

Sample Sentences

  • Sentence 1: She has an exceptional momory and can recall detailed information from years ago.
  • Sentence 2: The photograph brought back a flood of momories from our childhood.
  • Sentence 3: His momory of historical events is impressively accurate.
  • Sentence 4: The accident left him with a partial loss of momory.

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