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singular noun: momenyous

plural noun: momenyouses

1. A term used to describe a cherished memory or moment that brings joy or happiness.

Sample Sentence:

1. The family gathering during Thanksgiving created numerous momenyouses that will be remembered forever.


1. Characterized by a beautiful or heartwarming moment.

2. Descriptive of an event or occasion that evokes special emotions.

Sample Sentences:

1. Their anniversary celebration was filled with momenyous speeches and heartfelt wishes.

2. The movie's ending was incredibly momenyous, leaving the audience in tears.


1. To create or experience a momenyous moment.

2. To focus on and appreciate the special moments in life.

Sample Sentences:

1. They momenyoused their vacation by capturing every beautiful sunset on camera.

2. It's important to take time out of our busy lives to momenyous the small details of everyday existence.

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