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measuring system

Noun measuring system has 1 sense
  1. measuring instrument, measuring system, measuring device - instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something
    --1 is a kind of instrument
    --1 has particulars:
     accelerometer; actinometer; algometer; altazimuth; altimeter; atmometer, evaporometer; audiometer, sonometer; barometer; bolometer; bubble chamber; burette, buret; caliper, calipers, calliper, callipers; calorimeter; chronoscope; colorimeter, tintometer; counter tube; craniometer; cryoscope; declinometer, transit declinometer; densimeter, densitometer; densitometer; dosemeter, dosimeter; dynamometer, ergometer; electrodynamometer; electroscope; eudiometer; gauge, gage; graduate; gravimeter, gravity meter; hematocrit, haematocrit; hydrometer, gravimeter; hygrometer; inclinometer, dip circle; integrator, planimeter; interferometer; ionization chamber, ionization tube; katharometer; Kundt's tube; lidar; log; measuring stick, measure, measuring rod; meter; nephoscope; octant; oximeter; pedometer; pelvimeter; photometer; piezometer; pipet, pipette; Pitot-static tube, Pitot tube; Pitot tube; plethysmograph; potentiometer; quadrant; radar, microwave radar, radio detection and ranging, radiolocation; rangefinder, range finder; refractometer; scale, weighing machine; sclerometer; sector; seismograph; sensitometer; sextant; sonar, echo sounder, asdic; spark chamber, spark counter; spherometer; spirograph; spirometer; static tube; synchroscope, synchronoscope, synchronizer, synchroniser; tachometer, tach; tape, tapeline, tape measure; tensiometer; tensiometer; tensiometer; thermometer; timepiece, timekeeper; tonometer; torsion balance; variometer; Venturi tube; viscometer, viscosimeter
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