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Definitions from WordNet

Noun loo has 1 sense
  1. water closet, closet, W.C., loo - a toilet in England
    --1 is a kind of toilet, lavatory, lav, can, john, privy, bathroom

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1. A card game in which players strive for the highest score by drawing and discarding cards.

Example sentence: John invited his friends over for a casual evening of playing loo.

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2. A toilet or bathroom.

Example sentence: Excuse me, do you know where the loo is located in this building?

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3. An opening or passageway, typically in a narrow space or between buildings.

Example sentence: There is a small loo between the two houses that allows pedestrians to cut through.


4. A misprint or an unwanted mark on a printed or written document.

Example sentence: The printout of the document had a strange loo, making it difficult to read.


1. To urinate.

Example sentence: After a long road trip, the driver finally found a place to loo.

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2. To deceive or trick someone.

Example sentence: The con artist tried to loo the elderly woman into giving him her life savings.

Adjective (Local):

1. Relating to or typical of a specific place or area.

Example sentence: The traditional recipe uses local ingredients from the nearby farms.

Adjective (Popular):

1. Widely liked, accepted, or admired by many people.

Example sentence: That movie was a huge hit and became a popular choice among audiences.

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