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labor coach


Definitions from WordNet

Noun labor coach has 1 sense
  1. labor coach, monitrice - assistant (often the father) who provides support for a woman in labor by encouraging her to use techniques learned in childbirth-preparation classes
    --1 is a kind of assistant, helper, help, supporter

Definitions from the Web

Labor Coach

A labor coach, also known as a birth coach or a doula, is a trained professional who provides support and guidance to individuals during childbirth. They offer physical, emotional, and informational assistance to help birthing individuals have a positive and empowering labor experience.

Sample Sentences:

1. As her due date approached, Sarah hired a labor coach to assist her during her delivery and help her manage the pain.

2. The labor coach provided reassurance and encouragement to the expectant mother throughout her labor, ensuring she felt comfortable and empowered.

3. Emily's sister volunteered to act as her labor coach, offering constant support and advocating for her needs during the birthing process.

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