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Adjective incautious has 3 senses
  1. incautious - lacking in caution; "an incautious remark"; "incautious talk"
    cautious, cagey, cagy, chary, fabian, dilatory, gingerly, guarded, restrained, overcautious
  2. incautious - without out proper caution; "an incautious step sent her headlong down the stairs"
    careful (indirect, via careless)
  3. incautious, unguarded - displaying or feeling no wariness; "an unguarded remark"; "spilled the beans in an incautious moment"
    Antonym: wary (indirect, via unwary)
incarnation incarnational incarnations incarsorated incase incased incasement incaution incautious incautiously incautiousness incblently inccoherent incedent incedious incedy incemination

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