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hang loose


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Hang Loose

Part of Speech: Verb or Phrase

Sense: To relax and remain calm; to adopt a carefree and easygoing attitude.


  • He likes to hang loose on weekends and just unwind by the beach.
  • Whenever she feels stressed, she reminds herself to hang loose and not let it affect her peace of mind.
  • After a long day at work, it's important to hang loose and enjoy some leisure time.

Part of Speech: Interjection

Sense: Used to encourage relaxation, taking it easy, or not worrying.


  • "Don't stress too much about the exam. Just hang loose and give it your best shot!"
  • "We have plenty of time to catch the train. Hang loose, don't rush."
  • "If you make a mistake, don't worry about it. Hang loose and try again."

Part of Speech: Noun

Sense 1: A hand signal or gesture made by extending the thumb and pinky finger while keeping the other fingers closed, often associated with Hawaii and surfer culture.


  • The surfer greeted his friend with a hang loose gesture before heading into the waves.
  • "Have you learned how to do the hang loose? It's a fun way to express a laid-back vibe."
  • The tourists posed for a photo, flashing the hang loose sign in front of a beautiful sunset.

Sense 2: A state of harmony, relaxation, and calmness.


  • Walking along the serene beach, she felt a sense of hang loose enveloping her.
  • Yoga and meditation help her achieve a state of hang loose, reducing stress and anxiety.
  • They designed their patio as a hang loose zone where they could unwind and enjoy peaceful moments.

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