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Definitions from WordNet

Noun glutethimide has 1 sense
  1. glutethimide, Doriden - sedative (trade name Doriden) used to treat some sleep disorders
    --1 is a kind of sedative, sedative drug, depressant, downer

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A sedative and hypnotic drug that was commonly used in the mid-20th century to treat insomnia and relieve anxiety.

Part of Speech:

  • Noun


  1. A pharmaceutical drug used as a sedative and hypnotic agent.

Usages and Examples:

Usage 1 - Popular:

Sense: In medicine, glutethimide is a sedative drug.

Example Sentence: Glutethimide was widely prescribed in the 1960s as a treatment for insomnia.

Usage 2 - Local:

Sense: Locally, glutethimide is known as a controlled substance due to its potential for abuse.

Example Sentence: The sale of glutethimide without a prescription is strictly regulated by local authorities.

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