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Noun glutelin has 1 sense
  1. glutelin - a simple protein found in the seeds of cereals
    --1 is a kind of
    simple protein

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Glutelin is a type of storage protein found in cereal grains, especially wheat and rice. It is classified as a prolamin, a group of proteins known for their high proline and glutamine content. Glutelin plays a crucial role in the development and germination of grains, and it also contributes to the unique properties of certain food products.

Sample sentences:


  • The glutelin content in rice determines its cooking characteristics.
  • Glutelins are insoluble in water but can be solubilized by certain enzymes.


  • The glutelin fraction of wheat flour is essential for making gluten-based dough.
  • Adding glutelin-rich ingredients enhances the texture of baked goods.


  • The process of glutelination improves the protein content in the final product.
  • To achieve optimal results, carefully glutelinate the grains during production.

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