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glide by


Definitions from WordNet

Verb glide by has 1 sense
  1. elapse, lapse, pass, slip by, glide by, slip away, go by, slide by, go along - pass by; "three years elapsed"
    --1 is one way to advance, progress, pass on, move on, march on, go on
    Sample sentences:
    Something ----s
    Something is ----ing PP

Definitions from the Web

Glide By

Part of Speech: Verb

Definition 1: To pass by smoothly or effortlessly.

Example Sentence 1: The hours glided by as she engrossed herself in her favorite book.

Example Sentence 2: I was so busy with work that the weekend glided by without me realizing it.

Definition 2: To escape notice or attention.

Example Sentence 1: He usually tries to glide by without getting involved in any conflicts.

Example Sentence 2: The small details tend to glide by when you're focused on the bigger picture.

Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: A smooth or effortless passage, often with little or no attention.

Example Sentence: His speech was long and boring, but I managed to catch a few glides by where he mentioned something interesting.

Part of Speech: Adjective

Definition: Describing something popular or local.

Example Sentence: The café is known for its glide by breakfast specials that are favorites among the locals.

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