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general officer


Definitions from WordNet

Noun general officer has 1 sense
  1. general officer - officers in the army or air force or marines above the rank of colonel
    --1 is a kind of
    commissioned military officer
    --1 has particulars:
     brigadier, brigadier general; general, full general; lieutenant general; major-general

Definitions from the Web

General Officer


A general officer refers to a high-ranking military officer, typically holding the rank of general or above, who serves in a leadership position in the armed forces. General officers play a crucial role in planning, strategizing, and providing guidance to military units.


Sense 1:

As a noun, a general officer refers to any high-ranking military officer who holds the rank of general or above.

Example sentence: The general officer inspected the troops and commended their exceptional performance during the mission.

Sense 2:

As an adjective, general officer describes anything related to or characteristic of high-ranking military officers.

Example sentence: The general officer conference discussed various strategies to enhance national security.


Usage 1 - Popular:

In popular usage, the term general officer commonly refers to senior military leaders who are responsible for commanding large military divisions or key organizations.

Example sentence: General officers are well-respected for their extensive knowledge, experience, and ability to make critical decisions under pressure.

Usage 2 - Local:

In local usage, the term general officer may refer to specific ranking structures or titles within a particular country's armed forces.

Example sentence: The local military academy prepares cadets to become future general officers by instilling a strong sense of discipline and leadership.

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