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brigadier general


Definitions from WordNet

Noun brigadier general has 1 sense
  1. brigadier, brigadier general - a general officer ranking below a major general
    --1 is a kind of general officer

Definitions from the Web

Brigadier General

Noun (Military Rank):

A brigadier general is a military officer rank senior to a colonel and junior to a major general. They typically command brigade-sized units and are responsible for overseeing operations and leading troops.


  • The president promoted him to the rank of brigadier general for his exceptional leadership skills.
  • Brigadier General Thompson addressed the troops before they embarked on the dangerous mission.

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Noun (Local):

In some regions, "brigadier general" is a term used to describe a local brigadier-level police officer or official in charge of maintaining law and order.


  • The brigadier general held a meeting with the local authorities to discuss the recent rise in crime rates.
  • As a brigadier general, he was responsible for coordinating the efforts of the police force during the city's annual festival.

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