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general knowledge


Definitions from WordNet

Noun general knowledge has 1 sense
  1. public knowledge, general knowledge - knowledge that is available to anyone
    --1 is a kind of cognition, knowledge, noesis
    --1 has particulars: common knowledge; light; open, surface

Definitions from the Web

General Knowledge

Part of speech: Noun

Sense 1: Information or facts that are generally known or understood.

Sample sentence: Having a good grasp of general knowledge is essential for success in trivia games.

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Part of speech: Noun

Sense 2: The knowledge or understanding of a particular subject that is gained by exposure, experience, or learning.

Sample sentence: She has extensive general knowledge in the field of history due to her years of studying and research.

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Part of speech: Noun

Sense 3: The collection of information or facts about various topics taught in schools to provide a broad knowledge base.

Sample sentence: Students are encouraged to expand their general knowledge by reading books and exploring diverse subjects.

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Part of speech: Adjective

Sense 1: Pertaining to or affecting all individuals or most people.

Sample sentence: The general knowledge of a society can significantly impact the overall progress and development.

Part of speech: Adjective

Sense 2: Commonly understood or known by people in general.

Sample sentence: The quiz questions were based on general knowledge that everyone should be familiar with.

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