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Noun equipage has 2 senses
  1. materiel, equipage - equipment and supplies of a military force
    --1 is a kind of equipment
    --1 has particulars: marching order
    Derived form: verb equip1
  2. carriage, equipage, rig - a vehicle with four wheels drawn by two or more horses
    --2 is a kind of horse-drawn vehicle
    --2 has parts: axletree; rumble
    --2 has particulars:
     barouche; brougham; buckboard; buggy, roadster; cab, cabriolet; caroche; chaise, shay; chariot; clarence; coach, four-in-hand, coach-and-four; droshky, drosky; gharry; gig; hackney, hackney carriage, hackney coach; hansom, hansom cab; landau; post chaise; surrey; trap; troika
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