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Noun dramatist has 1 sense
  1. dramatist, playwright - someone who writes plays
    --1 is a kind of writer, author
    --1 has particulars:
     Aeschylus; Albee, Edward Albee, Edward Franklin Albeen; Anderson, Maxwell Anderson; Anouilh, Jean Anouilh; Aristophanes; Barrie, James Barrie, J. M. Barrie, James Matthew Barrie, Sir James Matthew Barrie; Beaumont, Francis Beaumont; Beckett, Samuel Beckett; Brecht, Bertolt Brecht; Calderon, Calderon de la Barca, Pedro Calderon de la Barca; Capek, Karel Capek; Cervantes, Miguel de Cervantes, Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra; Chekhov, Chekov, Anton Chekhov, Anton Chekov, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich Chekov; Corneille, Pierre Corneille; Coward, Noel Coward, Sir Noel Pierce Coward; Crouse, Russel Crouse; Dekker, Decker, Thomas Dekker, Thomas Decker; Dryden, John Dryden; Eliot, T. S. Eliot, Thomas Stearns Eliot; Euripides; Fletcher, John Fletcher; Fry, Christopher Fry; Fugard, Athol Fugard; Garcia Lorca, Frederico Garcia Lorca, Lorca; Genet, Jean Genet; Gide, Andre Gide, Andre Paul Guillaume Gide; Giraudoux, Jean Giraudoux, Hippolyte Jean Giraudoux; Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; Goldoni, Carlo Goldoni; Granville-Barker, Harley Granville-Barker; Hart, Moss Hart; Havel, Vaclav Havel; Hebbel, Friedrich Hebbel, Christian Friedrich Hebbel; Hellman, Lillian Hellman; Hugo, Victor Hugo, Victor-Marie Hugo; Ibsen, Henrik Ibsen, Henrik Johan Ibsen; Inge, William Inge; Ionesco, Eugene Ionesco; Jonson, Ben Jonson, Benjamin Jonson; Kaufman, George S. Kaufman, George Simon Kaufman; Kleist, Heinrich von Kleist, Bernd Heinrich Wilhelm von Kleist; Kyd, Kid, Thomas Kyd, Thomas Kid; Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing; Lindsay, Howard Lindsay; Luce, Clare Booth Luce; Maeterlinck, Count Maurice Maeterlinck; Mamet, David Mamet; Marlowe, Christopher Marlowe; Marstan, John Marstan; Menander; Middleton, Thomas Middleton; Miller, Arthur Miller; Moliere, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin; Molnar, Ferenc Molnar; O'Casey, Sean O'Casey; Odets, Clifford Odets; O'Neill, Eugene O'Neill, Eugene Gladstone O'Neill; Osborne, John Osborne, John James Osborne; Pinter, Harold Pinter; Pirandello, Luigi Pirandello; Pitt, George Pitt, George Dibdin Pitt, George Dibdin-Pitt; Plautus, Titus Maccius Plautus; Racine, Jean Racine, Jean Baptiste Racine; Rattigan, Terence Rattigan, Sir Terence Mervyn Rattigan; Rice, Elmer Rice, Elmer Leopold Rice, Elmer Reizenstein; Robinson, Lennox Robinson, Esme Stuart Lennox Robinson; Rostand, Edmond Rostand; Sartre, Jean-Paul Sartre; Scribe, Augustin Eugene Scribe; Seneca, Lucius Annaeus Seneca; Shakespeare, William Shakespeare, Shakspere, William Shakspere, the bard; Shaw, G. B. Shaw, George Bernard Shaw; Shepard, Sam Shepard; Sheridan, Richard Brinsley Sheridan; Sherwood, Robert Emmet Sherwood; Simon, Neil Simon, Marvin Neil Simon; Sophocles; Stoppard, Tom Stoppard, Sir Tom Stoppard, Thomas Straussler; Strindberg, August Strindberg, Johan August Strindberg; Synge, J. M. Synge, John Millington Synge, Edmund John Millington Synge; Terence, Publius Terentius Afer; Tirso de Molina, Gabriel Tellez; Ustinov, Sir Peter Ustinov, Peter Alexander Ustinov; Vega, Lope de Vega, Lope Felix de Vega Carpio; Webster, John Webster; Wilder, Thornton Wilder, Thornton Niven Wilder; Williams, Tennessee Williams, Thomas Lanier Williams; Wycherley, William Wycherley; Yeats, William Butler Yeats, W. B. Yeats
    Derived forms: verb dramatise1, verb dramatize1
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