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Noun dancer has 2 senses
  1. dancer, professional dancer - a performer who dances
    --1 is a kind of performer, performing artist
    --1 has particulars:
     ballet dancer; ballet master; baller mistress; belly dancer, exotic belly dancer, exotic dancer; chorus girl, showgirl, chorine; hoofer, stepper; nautch girl; tap dancer, tapper; taxi dancer; Alonso, Alicia Alonso; Astaire, Fred Astaire; Balanchine, George Balanchine; Baryshnikov, Mikhail Baryshnikov; Cunningham, Merce Cunningham; de Mille, Agnes de Mille, Agnes George de Mille; Duncan, Isadora Duncan; Fonteyn, Dame Margot Fonteyn; Graham, Martha Graham; Jamison, Judith Jamison; Karsavina, Tamara Karsavina; Kelly, Gene Kelly, Eugene Curran Kelly; Markova, Dame Alicia Markova, Lilian Alicia Marks; Massine, Leonide Fedorovitch Massine, Leonid Fyodorovich Myasin; Mitchell, Arthur Mitchell; Montez, Lola Montez, Marie Dolores Eliza Rosanna Gilbert; Nijinsky, Vaslav Nijinsky, Waslaw Nijinsky; Nureyev, Rudolf Nureyev; Pavlova, Anna Pavlova; Rogers, Ginger Rogers, Virginia McMath; Salome; Shawn, Ted Shawn; Shearer, Moira Shearer; St. Denis, Saint Denis, Ruth Saint Denis, Ruth St. Denis; Tallchief, Maria Tallchief; Tharp, Twyla Tharp; Tudor, Antony Tudor; Ulanova, Galina Ulanova, Galina Sergeevna Ulanova; Vestris, Gaetan Vestris
    Derived forms: verb dance1, verb dance2
  2. dancer, social dancer - a person who participates in a social gathering arranged for dancing (as a ball)
    --2 is a kind of person, individual, someone, somebody, mortal, human, soul
    --2 has particulars:
     clog dancer; dancing partner; folk dancer; raver; waltzer
    Derived forms: verb dance1, verb dance2
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