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cowl muscle


Definitions from WordNet

Noun cowl muscle has 1 sense
  1. trapezius, trapezius muscle, cowl muscle, musculus trapezius - either of two flat triangular muscles of the shoulder and upper back that are involved in moving the shoulders and arms
    --1 is a kind of skeletal muscle, striated muscle

Definitions from the Web

Cowl Muscle

Definition: The cowl muscle, also known as the sternocleidomastoid muscle, is a large paired muscle in the neck that originates from the sternum and clavicle and attaches to the mastoid process of the temporal bone.


Noun: The cowl muscle is responsible for turning and tilting the head.

Noun: The cowl muscle can become strained from poor posture or excessive neck movements.

Adjective: The cowl muscle exercises helped strengthen my neck and improve my posture.

Adjective: A well-developed cowl muscle can be visually impressive.

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