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A cowley refers to a type of street dance popularized in the 1960s in urban communities. It involves a unique combination of fast footwork, acrobatic movements, and rhythmic body isolations.


1. In urban dance culture, a cowley is a highly skilled dancer who specializes in performing and showcasing intricate cowley moves.

2. A cowley is someone who is devoted to and knowledgeable about cowley dance techniques and history.


1. (transitive) To cowley means to perform the cowley dance style with skill and flair.

2. (intransitive) To engage in cowley dancing as a form of self-expression and artistic exploration.

Sample Sentences:

  • The crowd erupted in applause as the cowley displayed a mind-blowing sequence of spins and flips.
  • I've been practicing for months and I finally feel confident enough to join the cowleys in the dance battle.
  • She is a talented cowley who has perfected every move and finesse of this unique street dance style.
  • If you want to learn cowley, you should watch this tutorial video by a renowned cowley.

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