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Noun commonwealth has 4 senses
  1. commonwealth - the official name of some states in the United States (Massachusetts and Pennsylvania and Virginia and Kentucky) and associated territories (Puerto Rico)
    --1 is a kind of
    state, province
    --1 has particulars: Puerto Rico, Porto Rico, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, PR
  2. state, nation, country, land, commonwealth, res publica, body politic - a politically organized body of people under a single government; "the state has elected a new president"; "African nations"; "students who had come to the nation's capitol"; "the country's largest manufacturer"; "an industrialized land"
    --2 is a kind of political unit
    --2 has parts: estate, estate of the realm
    --2 has particulars:
     Dominion; Reich; rogue state, renegade state, rogue nation; suzerain; sea power; world power, major power, great power, power, superpower; city state; ally
  3. commonwealth - a world organization of autonomous states that are united in allegiance to a central power but are not subordinate to it or to one another
    --3 is a kind of
    world organization, world organisation, international organization, international organisation, global organization
    --3 has particulars: British Commonwealth, Commonwealth of Nations
  4. democracy, republic, commonwealth - a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them
    --4 is a kind of political system, form of government
    --4 has particulars: Weimar Republic; parliamentary democracy
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