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cartridge font


Definitions from WordNet

Noun cartridge font has 1 sense
  1. font cartridge, cartridge font - any font that is contained in a cartridge that can be plugged into a computer printer
    --1 is a kind of font, fount, typeface, face

Definitions from the Web

Cartridge Font


A cartridge font refers to a type of transferring ink printing font that comes in a self-contained unit.


Sense 1 (Noun):

A cartridge font is a small, removable container that holds ink for use in printers and writing instruments.

Example Sentence:

The printer ran out of ink, so I replaced the cartridge font with a new one.

Sense 2 (Noun):

A cartridge font is a type of lettering style that mimics the appearance of characters produced by a printer's cartridge.

Example Sentence:

She chose a cartridge font for the wedding invitations to give them a modern and clean look.


  1. Printing: In the realm of printing, a cartridge font is widely used to produce clear and consistent text.
  2. Design: Graphic designers often utilize different types of cartridge fonts in their creative projects.
  3. Calligraphy: Some calligraphers enjoy experimenting with cartridge fonts to create unique lettering styles.

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