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cannon fire


Definitions from WordNet

Noun cannon fire has 1 sense
  1. artillery fire, cannon fire - fire delivered by artillery
    --1 is a kind of fire, firing
    --1 has particulars:
     cannonade, drumfire; high-angle fire; mortar fire; zone fire

Definitions from the Web

Cannon Fire


Cannon fire refers to the act of shooting a cannon, which is a large artillery weapon, typically made of metal. This term is often used to describe the loud noise, explosion, and smoke produced when a cannon is fired.

Senses and Usages:

1. Noun - Explosive Artillery Fire:

In this sense, cannon fire refers to the explosive firing of a cannon. It is commonly used in military contexts to describe the action of shooting cannons during battles or war.

Example sentence: During the battle, the enemy's cannon fire caused chaos among the troops.

2. Verb - To Shoot a Cannon:

As a verb, cannon fire describes the act of shooting a cannon or artillery weapon. It can be used to convey the action of launching projectiles from a cannon.

Example sentence: The soldiers prepared to cannon fire at the approaching enemy forces.

3. Noun - Loud Noise or Sound Resembling Cannon Fire:

Here, cannon fire represents any loud noise or sound that resembles the explosion of a cannon. It can be used figuratively to describe a sudden, booming sound.

Example sentence: The thunderclap outside resembled the powerful cannon fire.

4. Adjective - Popular or Well-known:

As an adjective, cannon fire can describe something that is widely popular or well-known, capturing the attention and interest of many people.

Example sentence: The new movie became cannon fire among audiences, breaking box office records.

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