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cannon ball


Definitions from WordNet

Noun cannon ball has 1 sense
  1. cannonball, cannon ball, round shot - a solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannon
    --1 is a kind of projectile, missile

Definitions from the Web

Cannon Ball


A cannon ball refers to a heavy solid projectile, typically made of iron or steel, that is fired from a cannon. It is commonly used in warfare as a destructive weapon, especially during the medieval and early modern periods.

Part of Speech:

  • Noun: The cannon ball crashed through the castle wall.
  • Verb: The enemy ship was cannon balled into oblivion.


  1. Physical Sense: The cannon ball rolled down the hill.
  2. Figurative Sense: His question hit me like a cannon ball.


  • Warfare: The cannon ball devastated the enemy's fortification.
  • Historical: The museum displayed authentic cannon balls from the Revolutionary War.
  • Recreation: The reenactment group fired cannon balls during the event.
  • Sports: The football sailed through the air like a cannon ball.

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