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Cannibalization refers to the process of a company or product eating into the sales or market share of its existing products or services, often due to the introduction of a new, similar product.

Sense 1: Business

In the business context, cannibalization occurs when a company's new product reduces the demand or sales of its existing products. This can happen when the new product is perceived as being more advanced or superior to the older ones.

Example sentence: The introduction of the latest smartphone model led to cannibalization of the sales of their previous models, as customers opted for the newer, feature-rich option.

Sense 2: Marketing

In marketing, cannibalization refers to the situation where a new product from a company or brand diminishes the demand for another product within the same company or brand. This can happen when the new product targets the same consumer base or serves a similar purpose.

Example sentence: The launch of their new energy drink led to cannibalization of their other beverage lines, as consumers shifted their preference towards the newer, more refreshing option.

Sense 3: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In the realm of SEO, cannibalization refers to the negative impact on search engine rankings that can occur when multiple web pages from the same website target the same keyword. This can confuse search engines and lead to a decrease in organic traffic and rankings.

Example sentence: The website's organic traffic suffered due to keyword cannibalization, as multiple blog posts within the site were competing for the same keywords, causing search engines to lower their rankings.

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