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Term: brigada

Noun (Sense 1)

Definition: A group or team organized for a specific purpose, usually used in reference to a group of volunteers or workers.

Sample Sentence: The local community organized a brigada to clean up the park before the event.

Noun (Sense 2)

Definition: In military terms, a brigade or a large unit of soldiers.

Sample Sentence: The commanding officer ordered the brigada to advance towards the enemy's position.

Noun (Sense 3)

Definition: In some Spanish-speaking countries, a group of friends or companions.

Sample Sentence: Juan and his brigada always have a great time when they go out together.

Noun (Sense 4)

Definition: In Portugal, a local volunteer group involved in social and community work.

Sample Sentence: The local brigada organized a charity event to raise funds for the homeless shelter.

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