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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective bonzer has 1 sense
  1. bonzer - remarkable or wonderful
    ordinary (indirect, via extraordinary)

Definitions from the Web

Term: bonzer


[adjective] Used to describe something excellent or outstanding. Commonly used in Australian slang.


Sense 1: Popularity

[adjective] Popular; well-liked or admired.

Example: The new restaurant in town is absolutely bonzer; everyone loves it!

Sense 2: Locality

[adjective] Pertaining to or characteristic of a particular locality or region.

Example: The bonzer waves on this beach make it a surfing paradise.

Sense 3: Noun form

[noun] Referring to a person or thing that is excellent or outstanding.

Example: My grandfather is a bonzer; he's always there to support and guide me.

Sense 4: Verb form

[verb] To make something excellent or outstanding.

Example: With her artistic skills, she bonzered the plain white wall by adding a stunning mural.

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